Hi, I know somebody asked five months back but are we any nearer getting Djay to work natively with the Vestax VCI 380. I am having to use Serato and its just not as easy to use as Djayu

The new Vestax vci 380 is a great bit of kit but doesn’t work out of the box with DJ.
It comes with Serato and is a much more complicated software pack. I’d love to use Djay with it. If any can let me know when it will be compatible with Djay that would be great. Thanks. Simon

Hi Simon,

Have you tried mapping your controller via MIDI learn? If you need any help with this, just let me know.

Hi Warren
I brought the Vestax at West End DJ and they are very knowledgable in there but they got stuck and couldn’t do it! I’m a bit of a dullard when it comes to the technical side of DJing but I’m very busy doing at least two weddings a week and loved using DJay. The Spin I was using was ok but not really for professional use so I upgraded to the 380 but because it doesn’t work natively with your software I have had to learn to use Serato. It’s nowhere near as good so if you could help me to use the Vestax to use Djay I would appreciate it. I know a few other DJs who have the same problem and they are now using other program’s such as Tractor and Virtual, so they will be lost to DJay. Thanks Warren

It’s quite easy to do midi mapping for Vestax VCI-380, I can send you some screenshots.
But I have issue with Microphone unfortunatelly… when I’m trying to enable that - the Djay app crash.

hi sushi, could you please send me the screenshots? or post them here?