Hi, my cross-fader has reversed itself, how can I fix this?

Was working fine for a few days, now the cross-fader is backwards, help!

Try doing this.

  1. Click Settings Wheel
  2. Click Midi
  3. Turn Invert Crossfader off

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

@Olly Mills can you give us some more informations about your setup?
Also can you describe in more detail how your crossfader is behaving?

Thank you,
Lukas E.

Hi Olly,

we are very sorry to hear that, but we are sure that we can help you out with your problem if you provide us more informations about your setup.
We will do our best in order to fix the problem you are facing.

Thank you in advance,
Lukas E.

Thanks, but that’s not it, any other ideas?

Oh. It’s a bit late now mate, i needed the info before nye. Thanks anyway. The software really isn’t very stable. It has a number of faults. I figured out the cross fader issue. But i kept getting glitches appear the throughout my set (5hours on nye). It’s safe to say, I will never use dj pro for a paid booking ever again. It really let me down :frowning: Back to cdjs and traktor for me… So disappointed

No thanks, I couldn’t trust your programme again as it’s not stable. I’ll check it again when there’s an update.