HIGH-MID-LOW knobs completely down - still hear sound??

Since a few days I own the reloop beatpad in combination with Djay 2 (iPad). I’m very pleased with it!

But I have a question:
How come that if the high-mid-low knobs are completely down, I still hear music. Very annoying and not similar to other panels.

Thanks in advance.

There is another option I would like to see in the settings. I prefer full kill, but some software and even hardware mixers don’t kill the sound completely. DJ Player for IOS does have full kill EQs.

Rather than a problem, this is the way it was designed, I believe. Still, I prefer full kill on the EQs.

Yeah I could live with that sort of… but the volume is still quite loud and unpredictable (for example, sometimes you get an unwanted bassy sound of the other track that you don’t want but you can’t filter it out) when you want to perform a smooth transition.

It it a software (djay2) or hardware (beatpad) problem?
Any ideas how to prevent or reduce the trouble?

thanks for your reply, looks idd like a software problem.
I would like a comment from algoriddm on this topic as well.

Thanks for the replies. Getting used to it is the solultion then.

They don’t kill all the way. Something you have to get used to.

When i hook up the beatpad to the pc, using VDJ, it kills all the way, so i think its software related. I can’t give you any tips. I guess it depends on what sort of music you play. I use different controllers for DJAY and got used to it. I play EDM at home, but all kinds of music during gigs. Maybe the issue is at its worst, playing EDM. Don’t know for sure.

The EQ is not full kill. When I need full kill on a specific frequency on my Beatpad I use EQ and Filter. Works quite well.

There are schools of DJing that suggest that the EQ should only be used for literal EQ. As in shaping the sound to make it sonically similar to the other song. They use the filter for kills.

If the second option is the expected behavior, why is the Beatpad marked for full kill EQ?

Adrian, please see my comment and photo below. The Beatpad has a clearly marked full kill EQ.

Typically when someone sees a symbol, they expect the indicated behavior.

There are two kinds of EQ behaviors: Either a EQ completely kills the frequencies, or it lets through a quiet signal to make mixing sound more smoothly. For the Reloop Beatpad the second behavior is expected.