Higher BPMs please.

When working with swing and jazz, the current tempo analysis and doubling feature doesn’t allow tempos high enough to keep up with a huge number of tracks at brighter tempos.

Furthermore, when syncing to external sources (e.g. if Ableton Link, Soundbrenner Pulse, MIDI Sync Out, etc.) the halftime calculation may unnecessarily interfere with what’s happening on slave devices.


As a swing dj I ́m also missing the double button. I asked immediately after canceling the double tempo button, to reinstate it. This was years ago and despite other mentioned it also nothing happened. A typical experience with the support of this company.

Is there a solution for this problem? I still can ́t change the speed from 107 to 214. The double button doesn ́t work. I can write the correct speed per keystroke, but I can ́t save the corrected speed (214). So I ́m lost.

“With years ago”, I meant the ipad version. I gave up using the ipad because of this and the precueing problem with usb-soundcards. So I switched back to the mac djay version, where I could use the double button til now. But with last update it ́s gone.

I ́m still waiting for an answer.

I have a lot of songs in the >200 bpm range. In the automatic analysis djay calculates a halftime bpm. I can ́t change it with the double button and I ́m not able, to change it via keystroke. Is there a another way than manual tapping?

I have this problem since updating to Djay Pro V 1.3.1. If there is no solution for my problem: how can I return to an older version?

My weekly reminder: still waiting for an answer from Algoriddim.

I still don ́t believe that I can ́t change the bpm per keystroke in an above 200 bpm beat.

I ́m using djay since years and I ́m not interested in changing to another program. But if this issue won ́t be fixed, I had to move on.

Thank ́s for the answer. I’ll stay tuned on topic. Otherwise, I have had to change the program. What I do not intend.

I ́m very happy to hear from you, gives me hope!

In my Playlist there are songs in the range between 50-300 bpm. With a lot of songs above 200 bpm. A range from 100-160 bpm, where both the double/half feature is available, will help a lot.

But it ́s best to have always the choice of an half/double button. If that ́s not realizable, a manual correction by typing would be nice.

Hi RockStarJazzCat,

could you tell us and the community about the BPM range you would like to address?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Johannes,

please understand that we are always gathering the messages, likes, mails and tweets of our users in order to count the demand of customer requests.

I forwarded the request of adding a bpm range setting to djay.

Keep on pushing the topic.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

thank you for your help so far. Could you tell us what bpm range would be good to work with for an adjusted double/half feature?

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas, sent you more detail in email, but yeah, Ellington, Basie, et al, as well as bop and modern jazz musicians, frequently double the tempos that are most often represented in todays electronic dance music styles. Here’s one chart of swing tempos pulled at random off the internet…

Fast Swing: 264 – 336, and up
Up Swing: 208 – 252
Medium Up Swing: 160 – 200
Medium Swing: 120 – 152
Moderate Swing: 104– 116
Slow Swing (walking ballad): 84– 100
Medium or just Ballad: 63– 80
Slow Ballad: 70 and slower

Hope that helps. Folks are dancing to the fast swing, so even if the tempo calculators don’t pick up on the correct tempo, it seems to me that one should be able to hit the double button and have that save properly. I didn’t spend a lot of time finding where the upper limits were in Djay Pro on the iPad Pro. Just noticed that a good chunk of my jazz catalog was going to what amounted to the half speed bpm without the option to press the “double” tempo button.


My experience with the company has been very different. I’ve spoken with a couple members of the support team… I will say ranking of requests in a forum is a nice way to gather information, but I think there needs to be room for escalating no brainers. So thanks for chiming in Johannes.

No dubstep dj wants to be confined to 160 when a record is at 80, and the dozens of swing dj’s I know don’t want to be restricted to 180 when the tempo of a record is 360.

Maybe it will get addressed this round…?

Thanks again Lukas and Alex.