History export crashing djay

I’m using Djay for Mac some years now, one thing that never worked on my system:
When I export the history, the PDF is generated, but the itunes playlist is not and Djay for mac crashes.
In some cases a few songs are exported to itunes, but in over 400 Gigs there where only 2 complete exports!
Seems nobody else uses this or has this problem?
Maybe the problem is, that the songs are all on an external drive (not the library).

Hi Axel,

Sorry to hear that.

  • Which OS X version is running on your Mac?
  • Which iTunes version do you have?
  • Which djay version do you have?

Please specify the exact version numbers.

Thanks Axel. Can you please check if there are any crash reports? If yes, please send them to support(at)algoriddim.com.

Always the newest available. And it never changed over the years.

Happend with ALL versions over the years.
At the moment: OSX 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2.2 (3), djay 4.2.2 (appstore)