How djay Browser & Folders Should Look... Slight Tweaks to Consider

I find it difficult to distinguish main folders from subfolders, sub-subfolders, etc.
As it is now, It’s all very gray and hard to distinguish levels.

This is MY Vision for a better djay browser.

outline on selected folder/playlist or keep current solid green, less is sometimes more :slight_smile:

Main Folders or Main Playlists in Green (folder and name)

Subfolders/Subplaylists in Gray

Perhaps some vertical lines to “separate” folders/subfolders to make it easier to distinguish, etc. subfolders would all have to slightly shift to the right

notice that “American” and “Latin” are my MAIN folders.

here is link to how it would look: what do you think?

Great post, I’ll pass it on to our team.

You can already turn off showing artwork in the Library settings. Tap the gear icon, go to “Library” and turn off “Show Artwork”.

so after using browser & thinking some more, i suggest a “Hide Art” View, (no art)

AND suggest less space between songs, less space between folders, subfolders,
basically I am suggesting “thinner” rows.

of course, still keeping enough space to actually click them,

the current view has too much valuable “wasted” horizontal space.

see my pic below, i can get almost double the songs viewable at once
AND i can get another 3 subfolders, “Cumbia, Merengue, Reggaeton”

in my opinion, my browser looks cleaner and definitely offers you a “bigger” view of your browser.

what do you guys/gals think?

Warren, your thoughts on my “artless” browser with more horizontal real estate? :slight_smile:

Warren, Your thoughts on my idea to clean up the browser?

Doesn’t have to be like my pic, but something to easier differentiate the sub levels of folders and playlists.

Yes you are right Warren, just saw that, BUT…

Why is it that when you turn off artwork, I see the same exact # of songs and folders? :slight_smile:

Would be great if turning off artwork yielded more songs visible at once,

There is way too much horizontal ‘wasted’ space between songs and between folders, sub folders, playlists.

PLEASE consider decreasing row heights in this mode…

i’m looking forward to the next djay2 update for ipad

i’m hoping it brings some of what i’ve asked for,
a better Spotify browser, (more folders, playlists, tracks visible at once)
and offline Spotify playlists…

we wait and see what happens…