How do I get djay to cue up to the 1st beat automatically?

Hi, just new to this app and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to load automatically to the first beat of tunes like other software like traktor does - it always has space at the start of tunes which sends the sync out. I’m probably missing something very simple as I’m used to traktor. Is there also a way to get it to snap to the nearest beat instead of having to fiddle about manually to get roughly the first beat.

The “sync” feature in djay works differently. It’s a one-time action that matches the tempo(s) and aligns the beat grids.
If the beats are not in phase, you can readjust manually by pressing the “sync” button again and/or by using the pitch-bend buttons.

Is there any way to set it to automatically Sync when the track is loaded onto the turntable?