How do I pre-cue using my Turtle Beach Micro II sound card?

I just recently purchased both the djay app for my Mac and a Turtle Beach Micro II external sound card for pre-cueing. My intention is to pre-cue using the regular headphone jack on my laptop and use the sound card for the direct output (hook the speakers up directly to the card). Due to my lack of experience using djay or the sound card, I really don’t understand much about the pre-cueing process. I believe I’ve configured the sound card right. I just don’t understand how the process itself works. How do I cue up a song through my headphones while my music is playing through the sound card? Where does the cued track go, and where does the current track go? I’m kind of clueless as well as panicked, as I’ll be DJing my first set EVER tomorrow night, and I have to get this figured out so I don’t blow it.

Hi Nicholas,

Setup: Open djay > Preferences > Devices and select

Main Output: Turtle Beach
Pre-cueing: Built in

The other way around is also possible.

Basically, the “inactive deck” goes through the pre-cueing channel. So, if the crossfader is on the left, then you will be able to hear the right turntable on your headphones.

If you click on the little headphones symbol in the bottom right corner, you can also configure a few more options for pre-cueing:

Auto-Select : If you turn this on, you need to manually select the turntables for pre-cueing by clicking on the headphones symbol above the corresponding line faders. Otherwise, it’s based on the position of the crossfader as mentioned above.

Cue/Mix slider : Move this all the way to the left if you only want to hear the pre-cued deck. Move it somewhere towards the middle if you wish to hear the main mix on your headphones as well.