How do I project videos on a tv or projector using Djay Pro?

I do not see how I can project the music videos on a projector or tv. How can this be done? I hooked up my tv and it will mirror the screen but I only want to see the video on my tv but still control DJ Pro on my computer without it being mirrored on the tv.


I HAVE THE SAME EXACT QUESTION. How the F*#K do you get the video to show up on a external monitor! I have spent hours trying to figure this out.

There is a little Fullscreen icon on the video preview.

This will open a window where you can select the Projector or Monitor you want to use.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Hi… I am looking forward to exploring the video playback side of DJAY PRO on the Mac, but have a question… Is it possible to output the video display to 2 separate monitors?
I am considering purchasing 2x mini displayport/thunderbolt to DVI cables to pop into the 2 Thunderbolt ports on my MacBook Pro Retina and run them to the 2 monitors. Is this a possibility before I invest in the cables and monitor displays?

The idea being that when gigging, front of house will have a monitor display on each side of the DJ booth showing the same video output from DJay.

Thanks for any help


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Please reference the new conversation here: djay Pro 1.1: Capable of playing on more than one external screen?

Thank you, Lennart! 
Yes, it’s the arrow icon at the upper right corner of the middle screen!

@Hilow, @Tom: Can you tell which external screens you are using?

Before using djay pro make sure you set up your monitors/tv/beamer correctly. Do NOT mirror displays but extended desktop as described here:

If you mirror displays your 2nd display will simply display the same thing and ignore your attempt to show video on it while your first display shows the djay pro interface.

hope that helps. cheers, rokr

Some projector’s have monitor out. So it’s a matter of an extra cable to run from one to the other. Work’s great for both my Epson’s.

I am having the same problem not getting the option to project or display onto another monitor. I have been trying to do this through a Rocketfish adapter to the hdmi cable. I have a party to use this at Saturday so this is becoming urgent. Please help thank you

my fullscreen icon, doesn ́t open any window where to select the device i’d like to use. It works properly click on fullscreen icon and it goes to fullscreen.

Hey Thanks!!! It works great! I totally forgot about that!

I’m sorry, my englisch ist no good. I work in a Social Dancing Club, it’s so easy with djay2, now I try djay pro and it’s nice with video-mixing. At the moment I use an old mac-book, but the last os-update make a lot of problems with system-start and wlan-connections. I think it’s time to change to iPad air2 128GB, it works really good and I try to send the video-signal to a tv, later i want to use with a beamer. How can I do that, what I need to use? Now I use Pioneer DDJ-WoGo2, next week I start with DDJ-WeGo3 (Power-Recharge for the iPad!) for the video-beam make real, I try other Devices, if you tell me, I nedd that. Thanks for Help! You creat a wonderfull/powerfull Software, lot of luky good wishes from Switzerland!