how do you connect dj PRO to to a mix video on tv

before i was using vjay for ipad and mixing video… but now i want to mix video with DJ PRO in my mac computer only. how do i show the videos im mixing from my computer to the TV displays in the club? ive looked everywhere and cant get a straight answer… thanks

Hi Gil,

thank you for your post.
You got several options, you could connect an HDMI cable to your MacBook or send the video signal via Air Play for example.

I hope this helps to explain things. If you are still having questions about our softwar, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

please make sure your AirPlay settings are correct, it sounds like you are duplicating the main screen, which you don’t need to in order to send the master video.

Lukas E.

it sends the whole DJ Pro Screen to the TV instead of Just the Video stream when using AirPlay via Apple TV. How can this be overcome???

Thanks luke I worked it out
There are to AirPlay symbols

  1. at the top left of DJ Pro (the one I was aware of) and
  2. the other appear in the MacBook Air’s menu when running DJ Pro but as that menu is Auto-Hidden I didn’t spot it!

and that secon Airplay menu is were I can get the job done of sending the master video to the TV instead of my whole screen.

Thanks again for your input.