How to configure pre-cuing with two soundcards in DJay Pro for Windows?

Before I purchase the full version of djay Pro for Windows, I want to make sure everything works with my laptop (HP Spectre X360 13), so I use the trial version for the moment.
I have bought an external USB soundcard (Sound blaster Play! 2) and both Windows 10 and dJay recognize them, both the internal soundcard and the newly bought one.
But I cant figure out how to configure dJay to use one of them for pre-cuing? The alternative showed in the manual are not there. Is i because of the trial version?

Okay, thanks alot! I have now realized that I need (want) a controller.

Question; if the controller hav e a soundcard, like the Numark Mixtrack Pro II, then I ́m home safe?

Its not possible, from what I have understand.
My sollution was to buy a 4-channel midi-controller.

I’m not sure if you still need help, but at this point djay pro can’t use 2 separate sound cards at the same time, they are trying to do it, but this is as close as you could get -…

Look for Lukas E reply, haven’t yet tried it miself so don’t know if it could work

I think it depends on how many audio channels does it have, for now djay pro automatically assigns master outputs and pre-cue outputs, so if your external sound card has 4 channels (2 stereo channels) you are good to go, I’m not sure but i guess same goes for controllers, so if your controller when connected to windows at playback devices-(your controller)-properties-advance-default format shows it is 4 channel sound device you should be good to go in case djay pro assigns it in correct order. Djay pro has native support for your controller so i hope everything will be fine for you.

My problem also cant select 2 audio device. I want also select on audio device for left deck and ohter for right deck.

Hakan, Thank you for answer. Now most buy extra item for my mixer. What u use for midi controller?