How to customize FX(After the update for native support for Pioneer DDJ-WEGO4)

After the update for native support for Pioneer DDJ-WEGO4, the effects looks be native. When i press it with my mouse, i get another result, when i press at the DJ Controller.
I can not customize the FX, for example “Wobble”, “Vowel LFO”…the FX has a preset because it is “native” or something…
I don’t understand how ik can go back to original…because i like no effect sometimes…sometimes i want FX…

Hi Vincent, 

have you tried selecting other FX in the FX menu of djay? 
Click Manual in order to see the three selected FX being displayed.

Lukas E.

Maybe i’m wrong and there is a simple solution for it…

Can somebody tell me how i do this?

I should nice that i set the FX1/FX2/FX3, before i use it. But it i can’t customize before. It looks like static.

The effect sounds good, but i like to customize.

The same…

When i set the FX with my mouse at my Mac Book Pro and after that i press FX1 at the DDJ WEGO4…the FX at my DDJ WEGO4 is different (static). The FX is different as what i have set before with my mouse.

It should be nice, what i have set with my mouse, that the controller takes it over.

I can not customize the FX.

A suggestion from my own custom midi mapping(nothing to do with the problem): it should be better to use SHIFT+FX1, for example, to change the effect (switch effects).

A feature request(change to middi mapping).