How to make djay play airplay?

I’ve got mountain lion and many airplay devices.
I does not work.
Anybody knows a trick?

If you have more than one AirPlay device in the same network:

  • Open “Audio MIDI Setup” app and select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” menu.
  • Click on AirPlay in the left tab.
  • In the right tab, there should be a dropdown option where you can select the desired AirPlay device.

Thank you. Works fine :slight_smile:
(with some troubles with passworded airplay devices).

I wish djay would play over all airplay devices not one only. If so it could successfully replace iTunes DJ with it’s sound Automix.

Since issuing djay remote for iPhone/iPad I believe that it is a logical next step for.
I have no data but I believe that people using their macs as music servers usually cast the music over more than one airplay device.

Good job anyway :slight_smile:

I totally agree with Tomasz, for sure…

Can we have an idea of when Djay will be able to stream to more than one Airplay device (base of multirooming I guess…) ?