How to save memory or multiple Cue Point on DJ Pro ?

Hi ! How are you ? I have struggle on the option in Dj Pro on mac . I can’t find where to save the memory or Cue Point . Please help me if you know it . Thank you so much and have a good one .

Hi Phuc Lam,

thank you for your post.

You can save Hot Cue points by going to Tools (cmd + T) and click at the Cue icon (see attached screenshot, icon is highlighted blue).
Second, could you explain what you are referring to by save memory? Cue points if set are stored locally, or can be synchronised with other djay Pro and djay 2 versions via iCloud.

Lukas E.

Hi can you save cues on Spotify songs? Cue saving not working for me on the demo, is that normal?