How to search in local folders?

Hello everyone,

I bought the programma today for Windows 10… Djay found my folders annd can play the music. That’s no problem, but the search doesn’t work? Is this a bug?
And how do I show the bmp’s from local folders?


Yes it’s a bug. Don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon :slight_smile: Please don’t use this app on a real scenario (party/wedding reception), you’ll regret it. Read some more unanswered questions on this forums regarding Windows version. The Mac version seems to work decently fine, although the users complaint about the same bugs.

I have my first party with 400 people this sunday 31 of december!!! Do I have to pray? I put one map on my disc so that I can search. I see that the progamma is new on WIndows. So give theme some time to fix the bugs.

Did you mail already wit Algoriddim?