How to transfer djay Pro 2 to ipad?

My kid used to use a macbook, but it has recently failed so I’ve bought him an ipad to use his Numark PartyMix with Djay Pro 2 but it says I need to subscribe?

I thought the pro owners got certain availability? It worked on the mac, before the mac died.

Can anyone help with this?

Hey Fozzy,
iOS is a subscription.
It is worth it if your son uses the App often.
As a Djay user for Many years I have watched the Djay App suites grow so much.
I will say that the iPad version is way better than the Mac version. At this moment the IOS is more advanced right now.
Also, this subscription will allow your son to have the App on his phone too.

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Hi @FozzyJ85, Welcome to our Community and thanks for reaching out about djay on your son’s iPad.

Please note that djay Pro 2 for macOS and djay Pro AI (the current version of djay on iOS and macOS) are two different apps with separate licenses. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to transfer these licenses between operating systems.

As noted by @LaidbackFred, the latest app requires a PRO subscription to access all PRO features. And for the Numark PartyMix, you’d need a PRO subscription to use it with djay Pro AI for iOS. You can find out more about what controllers are supported on the iPad in our FAQ here:

Please also note that now, djay Pro AI is a universal app which means with one subscription, you can access all PRO features across all of your iOS and Mac devices. You just need to use the same Apple ID across your devices to do so. For more information about our apps, please visit our website:

And if you have any other questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help.