I can not connect to spotify using my iPhone DJay2 app via FB login. Getting LOGIN FAILED. NSURLErrorDomain error -999

I can connect successfully to SPOTTILY on my iPad using the same method, just having issue using iPhone.
I have deleted the app, reinstalled, rebooted, tried to connect several times to no avail. 

HERE IS THE TRUTH: STOP saying “set a device password” !!! If you created your spotify account through your FB credentials you CAN NOT set or re-set any device password via browser. Don’t waste your time (I did) since the operation always fail.

What you have to do is contact Spotify support and tell them you want to deactivate your spotify account. Creating a new one before doing that is useless. Your e mail is “already registered” event though you use to log in through FB. Once the support “free” your e mail you will be able to create a new account choosing a username and a password instead of FB. Spotify support will move all your playlist, followers and library but you will loose your subscription. Because of that they will give u 1st month free. This is THE ONLY way.

Cool. After 3 days driving me nuts with FB login, this morning I reset my spotify account, got a new username and password … tried again to connect it to my djay pro and get the same error.

I NEED SUPPORT from algoriddim or 50 euro back. This is ridiculous.

Hi Mike Hammonds,

we are sorry to hear that please be assured that we are doing our best to provide the fix for this problem as fast as possible.

In the meantime it would be interesting if your iPad is able to connect to a mobile network?

If that is the case please disconnect and connect to a Wifi connection.
Now log in to Facebook in your Safari browser and try to log in to Spotify again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

we are sorry to hear that. Can you contact us directly via support@algoriddim.com?

Lukas E.

I finally was able to but I had to get Spotify support to set up a device Password for me. If you check your settings via a web browser, there is a device password for users that connect via Facebook. Once they created a device password for me, I was able to use my email address and this generated password to sign in to Spotify

Use the browser settings in Spotify to generate a device password

I also cant connect on my iphone. I also cant on my mac. I got a request failed: bad request (400). I do have a premium family account.

I cannot access Spotify through the iPhone app. My Spotify is linked to FB.

I get the same error code as above