I can't open Djay Pro on macbook

Hey guys, i have just downloaded the Djay Pro app. here on my macbook… Alright, but it’s only the demo, and i have follow’d the instructions that you have on your dl page. But i still have some problems, when i try to run the app.

First i downloaded as a zip file and unpacked it, but when i tried to open it, it “crashed” and my mac send me a message that the program has closed, and a report was sent to Apple… ?

Hmm … Anyone who has the same problem as me? And if so… what can i do?
I really wanna’ try the program, it seems really cool!

best regards/ Marc

Hey I have the same problem with the full version I have reinstalled yosemite twice now and still the same result, anybody???

Hi Marc what did you do to get it working? I have the full version and haven’t got to use it as it keeps crashing. any help ?

Hi Adrian I am unable to run Djay pro, it keeps quitting unexpectedly. any ideas?

Please try it again, Marc. It should be working now.

Yay, thanks! :slight_smile:

Same problem for me. Bought the App, installed over App Store, but won ́t open.

I installed a several times now, but it won ́t work. Mailed the support two days ago, no reaction.

I ́m realy angry now, spend 50€ for non working app.