I continou to use Djay with a split cable, and no controller.

I choosed DJay for its Spotify integration. Then I start to like the interface and functions. Now I feel to leave them for there bad support and updates… sorry to say.
Time for me to use my contacts at Spotify too look for another DJ-vendor.

I agree. A couple a months ago I visited Spain and couldn’t load one complete Spotify-song with Djay pro for Win. Spotify it self worked flawless.
Right back in Sweden everything’s worked just fine…?

I know that Serato and Traktor are the choices for the pros, who have their own libraries of songs… on a USB-stick - right?!. I dont.
So if I only could have Spotify to collaborate with another software vendor… he he oops.

If you have contacts at Spotify you could do us all a favor and get them to allow Algoriddim to implement better spotify integration. That is being able to play songs offline “just like the spotify app.” Currently this functionality is not available to vendor partners because it is not in their API.

Not sure but it sounds like your controller built in sound card is not being recognized? Please elaborate more on your situation the user base is large and has lots of smart people that likely could help.

I do not think Spotify currently has an agreement with ANY DJ software company. I think Pulse Locker service are available with Serato. However, for me I guess I prefer the devil I know. Algoriddim has not been perfect but I feel they are working hard and have earned my business.

Also I did not realize you were on Windows. I know that the open nature of the windows environment can introduce more unforeseen variables than OSX or other Quasi UNIX based systems. I can also say that the development of DJay for windows has not been around as long as MAC so it is possible it is just not as mature.

I wish you the best in you endeavors no matter which way you decide to go.