I djay 2 custom samples

So I upgraded to I djay 2 (great product by the way) and can see from your web site that it’s possible to make custom samples from your own playlist. Trouble is I can’t find instructions on how to do this. Can someone help?

Hi James,

To record your own sample from a song in your library, please do the following:

  • load the song on either deck and set the cursor to the desired position (pause the deck…)
  • open the sampler
  • click on “Edit” and then on one of the “+” icons for the pads
  • in the menu, there are two buttons “1” and “2”. Press and hold the corresponding button (1 if you loaded the song on the left deck, 2 otherwise) to record your sample. 
  • after recording your sample, you can also rename it

Hello i’m using Djay 2 on my android tablet and i don’t understand how add my personnal sample , can someone help me


Sampling is impossible… The only reason I bought this software!!! HOW?