I have a macbook pro and I want to share the playlist with another user on the computer. I did it with itunes but having issues with djay.

I can’t figure out how to hare the playlist between users please help

djay integrates whatever library is selected in iTunes. So, in your case, if you want to share a library in djay, you just need to share an iTunes library. Please try the following:

  • quit iTunes (press CMD + Q on your keybpard while in iTunes)
  • open Finder and go to this folder: -/Music
  • there should be a folder named “iTunes”
  • this folder should contain all your iTunes files along with your music
  • open another Finder window (select “New Finder Window” from the “File menu”)
  • in this Finder window, go to “Macintosh HD/Users/Shared” (so, you should now have two Finder windows open)
  • in the "Shared folder, create a new folder named “Music”
  • move (drag and drop) or copy the “iTunes” folder (first Finder window) to the newly created “Music” folder under “Shared”
  • wait until the copying is finished
  • “alt-click” (= option-click) on the iTunes icon to start iTunes
  • when asked, select “Choose Library”
  • browse to “Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Music” and choose the “iTunes” folder
  • hit “Load”

Log off your account and sign in with the other user and repeat the last four steps.

If you need any further help, please let me know.

Are you just having issues getting it to show up in Djay from iTunes?