I only used djay pro one day I’m waiting on my new Mac is my trial wasted?

I will have a new Mac in about three weeks so I am unable to play with the software.

Hi @Itsallaboutp_P,

Thanks for your interest in djay Pro AI on Mac! If you’ve already started the free 7-day trial for the PRO subscription, then the trial will end 7 days after you started it. Unfortunately there’s no way to pause the trial once it has been started.

However, you can still download and use the free version of djay Pro AI once you get your new Mac! And you always have the option to subscribe for even just 1 month if you’d like to give the full PRO version a try again. For a detailed list of what’s included with the PRO subscription, check out this FAQ: What is the difference between the free version and the PRO subscription of djay Pro AI for Mac?

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