I want pauses between tracks in automix

In a ballroom and latin dance mix you don’t want a waltz to overlap a cha cha cha and you don’t want BPM sync. Ideally there could be a second or two pause between tracks because styles and speeds can be very different and you need to pause to adjust.

Currently seems to stop each track a few seconds before end and just jumps into the next abruptly as if no transition effect means still stop where transition would have started but since no transition just skip that part of track.

Using djay ipod/iphone 2.0.1 on 4g ipod 32Gb. transition settings are
style: standard
duration: 0
autosync BPM: off

general > turntable
Start Delay: 0
Stop Delay: 0

I’d like this feature too please, it’s very important for Argentine tango dj’s.



This would work, of course, but it’s a lot of additional work, and an automated solution would be a lot easier. I also think if you use Automix you can only have a specific track in the Automix list once at a time, which would stop me using Automix unless I created lots of silent MP3 tracks with different names.

To follow up, I just tested again with Automix. I created a 12 second blank track to play between every track (very tedious to use this as a solution by the way) but it didn’t work because each time Automix took my 12 second track to a deck it removed all the other copies of the track from the Automix queue. So assuming I keep 20 tracks in the queue (not untypical for me) I would need to create 20 12 second tracks and keep on top of which ones had and which hadn’t already been used in the queue.

Hi Toby,

Thanks for your feedback. 

Pauses between tracks are currently not supported. I changed your question into an idea.

By the way, if you wish to play your tracks to the end, please tap the Automix icon and go to “Transition”. Select = sec for “Trigger Before End”.

Hi Warren,

Thanks, I hadn’t spotted the additional transition settings actually in the automix screen. That at least makes playing the whole track without overlaps possible which is 90% of the way there.

I have looked extensively for a music playing app that offers pauses so if you actually add that it will be another USP for djay!


In couples dancing you need to set the pause between songs so that people have time to find new dance partners. Please make this option avalible! =)

MegaSeg does exactly what you’re looking for. Been using the program for many years. Rock solid.

The lack of pause capability in Automix mode is the only reason I do not use Djay as my main program. MegaSeg is my “go to” DJ program these days, although if DJay for Mac implements the pause between tracks feature, chances are it will become my one and only!

Guys… just create an mp3 of silence for the length you want between songs… then simply insert that silence track between each song when u make ur playlist

Hi there,

thank you for your feedback. I added this as an improvement to our issue tracking system.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Wouldn’t be easy to just add some negative seconds at the function sec for “Trigger Before End”? Done before lunch… :wink:

Yes Daniel ! I was really frustrated to see that this was not possible :smiley: