I want to buy a Reloop mixtour. But want to know if it will support djay pro for the iPad?

Will we see an update real soon? Don’t want to buy this thing an I can’t use it with djay pro for the iPad. I know it works with djay2. But I want it more for the djay pro iPad version. Thanks.

I can confirm it works with the Reloop Mixtour. Played a gig with it last weekend.

I didn’t notice anything like that during my 7 hour set, using my iPad. Same with Djay Pro on my Mac.

Jason, you read the post wrong. I said it does NOT support 4 decks, I did not say it does nor the page said she that. In my case and I’m sure others do as well use 4 Decks non of the controllers ( with the pretty pictures) on that page do not support 4 decks, so what’s the use to have DJAY Pro if your controller does not cater to those features. What I am getting at is this: when you go to the DJAY PRO page and you look at all the controllers… “At the bottom there is a link that clearly saids other other supported controllers” Now here’s my point if you are looking at other controllers cause you don’t like the limited hardware features las an example the Beatpad 2 or the others, naturally you would keep looking “hence the link” When you open it it takes you to a page where there are other controllers that support 4 Decks and have exact hardware matched to DJAY PRO, and here’s the salami on that Paige it does not specify if those controllers can be used with the iPads, in other words this Paige could be specific to whether you can use a Mac, iPad or both. This is deceiving because there are controllers that use both Mac or iPad, either with a power supply (we cai) or USB powered. EXAMPLE: Pioneer DDJ SB works with a pc tablet using a similar power supply like the we-cai adapter. We go 1 uses we cai. The we go 2 and 3 have the implemented power supply and will charge the iPad as well as supporting 4 decks for DJAY PRO. So the question here is why do we as customers have to waste time and money when all they have to do is post " these ones work with iPad, these others don’t but the work with the Mac. Hope this clarifies what I me

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Ps, here’s the DJAY pro iPad page http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-pro-ipad

Its definately compatible … I use the Mixtour on my ipad air 2 and mac … Both work fine with dj pro.

Jesse and the others are right though its only a 2 deck controller.

Jesse … Try my mapping for BP to 4 decks … https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings…

You can also check out the Reloop forum … http://support.reloopdj.com/mixtour/ … The guys from reloop will always reply to your messages there.

Hi there,

please note that we are aware of the LED Meters switch and are working on it. Except this switch the Mixtour is completely supported.
If you are having a question about the mapping or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.


Hi there,

sorry but this is not possible because you can not assign the sound card to two inputs.

Lukas E.

I believe DJay Pro for IPad is a plug and play with Reloop Contour

Check out the Reloop site Steven too for more assistance

Jesse where does it say any where that the Beatpad 1 or 2 supports 4 decks?

I don’t know whether the mixtour will ever be able to play all four decks in pro. As it only has 2 channels I would say possibly not. We will see however a new range of four channel controllers that will control all four decks in Djay pro. I still don’t believe they misled anyone. I have a Beatpad 2 and it works great with 2 channels in Djay pro for iPad. I’m not really interested in four deck mixing. I find 2 decks, samples, looping and occasional effects to be more than adequate in my style of mixing and playing old skool house.

When native instruments started making hardware for Traktor like the S4 then came the S2. Then came the F1 to be able to play the remix decks properly as you couldn’t really use the s4 or s2. Now the S4 and S2 still were advertised as to be able to play with Traktor pro you just needed additional hardware to be able to use it to its full potential. Now of Course we have the Z2, Z1, S8 and S5. Which all can play Traktor Pro but some have more functionality than others. I guess like all things you need to research before buying any DJ hardware. Iv just switched from NI and I was looking at what “software” I wanted to work with next. Too many times I see people buying hardware as a first consideration. It should always be software first then what are my needs, budget etc for a hardware purchase. I decided for my needs the best controller to control Djay 2 and Pro for IPad and Mac was going to be the Beatpad 2. Because of the “way” I did it I absolutely love it. That’s all folks.

Yeah well check it out first with someone that actually tested it and be specific, as the link at the bottom of the page for DJAY approved controllers "DOES NOT"specify if it for IPAD users. Trust me, I sent back a Pioneer SR, SB and Reloop Terminal 8 cause they do NOT work with the iPad.

In addition the Reloop Beat Pad 1 and 2 does NOT support 4 decks, for which you have to map it out on your desktop and pray that the mappings don’t default back to 2 decks and freeze in the middle of a PAID gig (like it happened to me), needless to say I sent back the Beatpad 2 and I just received Beatpad 1 and going to map it to 4 decks, hopefully it won’t be an embarrassment again.

Regardless, don’t be fooled by BP2 price the fact that is a number 2 version, don’t mean JACK!"if you have to reach in the back of the unit just to switch from 3 EQ to 2 EQ just so you can use the filter. BP2 is missing filter, FX parameters, FX selection and Loop size nobs. At $599 the BP2 is not a deal considering you have those very important performance nobs in all Pioneer Wegos at $300 or even less. If you go for BP2 and you actually perform various functions, you will miss those nobs! do yourself a favor pay a little extra for your nobs or look at something else.

It seems to me that whoever design the BP2 should have just engineered a updated Terminal 8 to work with the iPad as that unit works and have all the performance nobs, buttons, pads and 4 deck control to allow you to do your thing with one hand while you cheer the crowd with a drink in the other hand.

Whats my knowledge factor: tech support for Opcode systems(midi music software), Electronic musician since 1989, extreme Mac user… Peace :wink:

Oddly enough what u are experiencing with the mixtour is also happening on my Beatpad 1

What’s going on Jason!
I think so too. But I notice that somebody in YouTube using djay pro with an iPad pro and certain things look wacked out. An others were complain about thinks not working right.

I might just pick up the mixtour and just wait for an updated. Hate to be a lab rat for company’s. Only bad part where am getting the mixtour. They have 15 days return. So if it goes beyond that. Am screwed.

Really dj stub! Thanks for the info! I might pick one up today. If they still have it in stock. Am kool with the two decks. Doesn’t really bother me much. Just want it to work right that’s all. Again thanks for the info. Keep me post is any thing change