iCloud Drive sync issues


I have been adding tracks on to my iCloud Drive and accessing them with djay pro on my iPad.

The ‘my files’ list only seems to hold 10 songs so I have to reload tracks constantly. This on its own isn’t a massive issue but when I reload the track settings have been forgotten so I have to reset cue points etc.

Any ideas - surely the list can hold more than 10 tracks?!

Hi Tom,

can you please eject the tracks by loading another track on the same deck after setting your cue points and see if the cues are getting stored now.

Lukas E.

we wrote a utility to convert cue points set in another application to djay. As a bonus the documentation explains how you can backup and restore your complete djay settings folder making it easier to use it on multiple iOS devices without re-analyzing or setting your cue points again.

see the demonstration at

Hey Lukas,

So if I eject and reload the cues stay - as they should and work fine.

The problem arises when I have to load the track back into the ‘my list’ folder. As far as I can see this folder can only hold 10 tracks meaning that when you import a new track one drops off the bottom of the list.

It is at this point that I get the issue. If there is a good wifi connection then we’re ok but if I’m offline a track that has been previously loaded into the ‘my list’ folder can be loaded (from iCloud Drive) and it has all the info, bpm etc, but not the cue points.

I assume that the cue info is held in the cloud but even though I can’t see the tracks in the list the track has actually been stored on my iPad?!


Hey, I’ll have a look and see if I can use this to help! Thanks