iCloud Integration does not work as they claim!!!

“Cue points and other metadata generated while using djay on your iPhone are automatically synced over-the-air to be readily available when performing live with your iPhone or Mac (and vice-versa).”

This is their claim … But it is a lie … It does not work!!

Yes cue points are stored but as the analyis data and beat grid are different it is useless!!!

After spend Saturday afternoon to set new cue points for songs using my ipad then i tried to use them Saturday night on my mac and found yet again that Algoriddm functions are not working as they claim!!!

Again this post is not a request for Algoriddm to sort out the problem … I know they do not care and will not solve it … I am posting this so that other users may avoid the problems i discovered.

Hi there,

we are very sorry to hear this.
Are both devices communicating with the iCloud? 
Thank you in advance.