iCloud Sync simply does not work for cue points and FX purchases

I have ONE iCloud/itunes account for everything. All my other applications sync on iCloud perfectly. Day Pro does not. I have tried every fix suggested in these forums. The lack of BPM and cue point syncing however is not my biggest annoyance, it’s the fact that the FX pack I bought on the Mac version of DJ Pro will not restore to the iPad (since it relies on iCloud sync to do that).

I also use iTunes Match but those problems were reported three years ago so surely that issue has been fixed by now??

Please sort this out as I am rapidly losing faith in this application.

Hi, yes I have been through those steps.

Somewhat ironically, after hours of trying, shortly after posting this issue the cue point syncing is now working via iCloud, which is great.

Unfortunately though, the restoration of the Sugarbytes FX packs still refuses to happen. I have tried the suggestion of restoring the purchase on the Mac first and then on the iPad Pro but nothing works, the FX remain padlocked.

Day pro for Mac was purchased via the App Store.

Yes, tried in all directions. No joy :frowning:

Tried deleting and reinstalling - same issue. Cue points sync but FX purchases will not restore

So, now that we have established that my Apple ID is ok and that cue points are syncing and that deleting and reinstalling the iPad app has no effect - what is the next step to resolve this?

I’ve put this topic out on Twitter to see if anyone else has any suggestions…

Hi Jeffcarteruk,

we are very sorry to hear that.
Have you checked the proposed steps in order to guarantee a functioning iCloud synchronisation:

Please keep us posted.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. The Cue point synchronisation indicates that there is a connection.

Have you tried it the other way around, restoring the purchases with the iPad first? 

Lukas E.

Could you try to delete the application on your iPad and download it again. After doing so try to restore your purchases.

Lukas E.

Hey Jeff,

very sorry to could not help you there with the first suggestions. Can you contact us via support@algoriddim.com and attach the forum link?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.