iCloud synchronization does not work

The synchronization via iCloud between iPad and iPhone does not work for me. iCloud is enabled on both devices and so is the synchronization in DJay Pro. But on the iPhone the status is constantly on “initialization”. Does anyone know the problem and a solution for it?

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for posting your question!

Could you please attach a screenshot of the “Initialization” screen that you are seeing so we can better assist you?

Looking forward to your response!

Sure, here the screenshot:


Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for the screenshot!

If you restart your device or the app is there a change in the iCloud status?

Have you tried turning off iCloud in the settings app and re-enabling it to see if that solves the issue?

Looking forward to your response!

I tried rebooting, but that didn’t change anything. The state is still unchanged, by the way, also on the Mac. iCloud itself works otherwise.