I'd like to know the Current Default Sound Quality for djay Pro for Mac

I see that for mobile, the default is 96KB, is that true for iMac with djay Pro? If so, can it be changed by a user?

I’m sorry, but the Sound Quality can’t be changed by a user. Using djay Pro, it is approximately at 160KB…

So your “Pro” version doesn’t really mean Pro? :slight_smile:
Is this because Spotify doesn’t allow it or is it a technical reason on your end?
Curious people want to know…

Also, is your average response time 16 days on every question?
As a new member and customer, your silence or non response is deafening…
it seems as if people are getting mad and turning on your product which is sad because I think you have a great overall product. Nothing is perfect but knowing that a company is working on issues or not is gratifying to users.
I think it might make sense if you worked on getting back to people on a more frequent basis. I understand that this is a huge undertaking but if you’re going to have a platform that invites dialogue, you need to be part of it or risk spiraling down into a low earth orbit decay.