iDJ Pro Auto-cut scratch and holding down Shift while moving the platter?

I am very new to the DJ game…I’ve researched 100’s of videos trying to get some tutorial on how to scratch with the iDJ Pro. The videos I’ve seen sound totally different than when I hold the Shift key while turning the platter. Is there more the set-up or is it just practice makes perfect? Also, can someone please upload a iDJ Pro scratching 101 tutorial to help out beginners? Thanks

Hi Don,

To use Auto-cut, all you need to do is move the jogwheel while holding down the Shift key. Just also make sure that the “Scratch” button is enabled for the jogwheel.

Can you see if the crossfader is moving back and forth? Can you scratch even when you’re not holding down the shift button?

Can you perhaps make a short video recording showing how you attempt to scratch and what happens? Thanks!


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Auto-cut scratching on idj pro.

So I know 2 fingers achieves auto cut scratching directly on the iPad - but is this possible using the platters on the idj pro?

It sounds the same when i hold shift am i missing something

It sounds the same when i hold shift

I can cut without holding down shift. I don’t see the fader moving. The cut only gets louder while holding shift. It doesn’t transform

I have djay 2 . can djay 2,auto scratch