iDJ Pro no volume on master output with updated day 2.7.3

djay 2 just updated to version 2.7.3 and now I get no volume from the master output of the Numark iDJ pro. Same thing for the new update of vjay. There is volume from the headphone cue. Came at a bad time as I use this system for DJ gigs and have one tonight. May have to go back to the Macbook.

Hi Everyone,

Please rest assured that we’re looking into this issue. Please provide as much info as you can regarding your setup.

Please try if it helps to switch “Hardware Audio” off and back on.

We’ve been able to reproduce the issue in the lab.

It seems like this occurs when the iDJ Pro is already plugged in and turned on before start djay. Our team is already working on this issue.

In the meantime, you can easily avoid/fix this by doing the following:

  1. start djay for iPad
  2. connect the iDJ Pro
  3. then turn on the iDJ Pro

Turning the controller off and back on also helps…

Did this get fixed with yesterday’s update?

This happened to me, with other problems, after trying everything I pulled out the 30pin to micro adapter and when plugged back in everything was ok. If this hadn’t worked the iDjay pro was going in the bin…

Same problem here in vestax spin 2, now writes casio on the screen and often is muted in the master.

I hope that this error is fixed in the next update, my controller is Vestax not Casio, and turn on end off every time is sucks.

Has anyone sent a request for email support from Algoriddim? I have sent 3 already and still no response.

iPad 2 64GB iOS 8.1.3
DJay 2.7.3
Numark iDJ Pro
Music app has volume on the master out of the iDJ Pro

That did the trick. I do have to do it every time I plug in my iPad into the iDJ Pro. But at least, I will be able to use my “setup” again. Hope the next update will fix it. Thanks.

No, the same problem exists. I still have to turn off and on the “Hardware Audio” in order to get volume from the master output from the iDJ Pro.

In my case, my IDJ Pro cannot connect with 2.7.3, I had to copy 2.7.2 from another ipad to iDJ pro ipad.

Same issue since last update my controller wont output to main speakers except it I route the cue through them then there is some terrible interdependency with the cue buttons that once you have disconnected and re connected your 30 pin even though the pro picks up the signal it is effected by a severe volume cut when trying to listen to the playing track.

This really needs to be sorted out asap as it makes the device useless as a controller for any performances.