IDJ Pro sampling

In this thread:…
Warren says that the idj pro can record samples from the turntables. Can you explain how to use this?
your assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hi Gabs,

  • Click on “Edit”
  • Then on the sample you wish to edit
  • Tap and hold either “1” or “2” to record from the respective turntable.

Thanks Rob but that wasn’t really my query. Its the sampling function referred to in the thread (see link above) that I’m try to work out

Hope you’re enjoying it anyway

Gabs, seems easy to me, just got my iDJ pro couple of days, have been using the recording option at a way to check my beatmatching is working well. But from what I can see you can record a set of say 10 song mixes… then export them into itunes and add them to a playlist. you’ve then got pre-recorded mixed playlist.

Why to do it from what I have been doing is the following:

Top left corner hit the record button.

No play and mix your tracks like normal.

When you’re finished to record button to stop.

On the ipad you’ll see the record icon - top middle.

Click that shows you recordings, you can play it back and check how they sound. The instructions on how to get them back to you PC/Mac is show on that screen. You need to do that via itune and follow those instructions.

Once on you pc/mac then add to libary, you might want to cut the slight delay you might have from the start and ends if you need to, can do that in itunes.

Hope this helps and is what you was looking for.

Gab sorry I stopped short. Once you’ve gone through the steps I’ve out lined then the recordings are in your library. If it’s a DJClip you can just record in the way I have outlined. I generally then update in itune the genre to DJClip. I’ve then got a smart playlist with all these that syncs on to my ipad. You can the just go to the sample area and add in your clips using the edit option - select the clip area and add that track.