Implement the slider interface for the FX Manual

Hi, I suggest you implement, in Djay Pro for iPad, the slider interface for the FX Manual which you have in Djay 2 for iPad. I prefer the sliders to the knobs. Much better. / Cheers

In dj pro, in the FX tab, push PAD, for a effect swipe screen. Do you mean that?

Hi DJ Ivan,
In the FX tab, Manual (right choice). There are the knobs for param and Dry/Wet. In Djay 2, FX tab, Manual ((right choice), there is the choice between Strip and Slider, and the Slider mode has an On button, and the two sliders (Param and Dry/Wet).
The Pad (left choice) is the same in both Djay 2 fro iPad and Djay Pro for iPad with vertical and horizonalt axis.
Please signal if I miss anything out :slight_smile: !

I realize I am wrong here, and in fact it is good as it is! :slight_smile: