Import/export library from rekordbox to DjayPro?

I’m thinking about to switch from rekordbox to DjayPro. But I’m wondering if its possible to import/export my libraray including CUE points from rekordbox to DjayPro and vice versa in an easy way. Is there any solution?
I’m using Windows…


DJay reads the hotcues in Serato format. So, converting your library to Serato and then iTunes in Lexicon will get you sorted. It’s been my process personally keeping the two in sync.


There are also quite a few other sftware solutions to achieve this, one being DJ Conversion Utility. Im sure you will find one that works for you.

Mhm but DJ Conversion Utility. is only for mac isn’t it?

Yes sorry. I just woke up lol There is another newer software that converts all librarys on all devices apparently I think its calld Mixo

Haha no problem. What a pity because this is exactly what I need. All other solutions only works with a subscription model. :frowning:

Sorry I did an edit. Have a look at a program called Mixo.

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