Improvements i would like to see for this to be able to take this software on the road confidently.

Hi guys. I have had djay up to pro for some time now. Never used it because never really had a controller that i could use it with and there were some things i didn’t like. I just got the mixon4 over the weekend and would love to use it. However after playing around with it over the weekend. This are things i think could be improved.

  1. Sampler- Would love the sampler section to be able to be opened in 4 deck view. Also would love to be able to access more than 12 samples on the fly. As controllers come with 8 performance pads then it would be great to use them all (16 samples st the same time, two banks. Even though its one bank, at least its much better than what djay six on each side. That seems outdated as controllers now come with eight).
  2. When changing loops lets say from 4-2-1-.5 etc it goes off beat in djay. Never experienced that with serato nor vdj. If that could be fixed or there is a setting, i would love that.
  3. Could we get bpms in 2 decimal places. Other “pro” softwares offer that. It gives better control over music especially with long mixes and remixes. Im not really a sync
  4. Is there a way to open and close folders using my controller?