In battle of Djay Vs. Traktor Kontrol s2, I'm losing...

I can’t get my control s2 to work with djay pro. I’ve selected the ‘press both shift buttons’ option in preferences and obviously done so on the controller, but it seems to make no difference except (and this might be a coincidence) but having never crashed, my Traktor programme has just crashed twice since doing so. Other than that, it’s made no difference.

I get the MIDI window, and although it recognises the control s2, in the mapping boxes its still blank. Have followed the other feeds on here and tried stuff, but nothings worked. Still just got blank boxes, and no amount of jog wheel turning will get djay to recognise it.

Running out of things to try!

Does it work with the “MIDI Monitor” app?


Just downloaded that app, but it seems to have problems of its own. Says it 'can’t make connection to its midi driver. Shut down all MIDI app (including this one ) in oder to fix the problem"

Despite doing so, this message appears every time I open the snoize app

DOnt really want to be troubleshooting another app!
Any more ideas? Traktor now crashes every time I open it so thanks Algoriddam - since following the advice I’ve now got no Traktor so my controller is now useless…

Very unhappy…