Input routing in Djay Pro

I’m experimenting with running Djay and Ableton in parallel on a Mac and thinking about how best to mix them together. Ideally if I had a 4 channel mixer I would have ableton coming in on one of those tracks so I could use the crossfader with it, control the volume and so on.

I think this is done through “input routing” in Traktor but I can’t see that option in Djay - is there another way around this? Or do I need to use an external mixer to make this work?


I’m afraid djay doesn’t have options for input (other than microphone on some platforms). You’d be better off running a 4 channel controller and mapping channel 4 to Ableton master volume controls or something. You’d need to make sure all the controls were disabled in djay as well though.

Hi Dan, that’s fine - it was what I was originally intending to do, but wondered if I was overcomplicating things.

Really appreciate you getting back to me.

Happy new year!

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