interface language is wrong


My langue is set to BELGIUM - DUTCH
My Keyboard is set to FRENCH (since correct setting for me)

My DJAY2 PRO interface is in French… How can I change to ENGLISH or DUTCH?

The french layout is the only keyboard layout that matches belgian azerty and has numlock

I found the glitch:
when a secondary language is set to French, the DJay Pro language is set to French. Even when it is not used (primary is Dutch!)
When you remove the secondary French, the Djay Pro language is English.

French? Head North … turn right at Belgium … Voila - Netherlands

Just kidding (and bumping your request to the top of the list

Hi Gert De Vuyst,

can you give us an example which commands are affected by this unfortunate mixup?

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up Gert De Vuyst, we are thankful that things are back to normal.
Nevertheless it would be great to understand the pattern here, can you tell us how you found out about the mixup?

Lukas E.