ipad 3 iphone 7 wego3 few questions

i recently buy wego3 with latest firmware, and my ipad3 is on last ios 9.3.5

  1. when i move chan faders up and down, there is a visible lag on display in vinyl or waveform mode! this lag is present also with moving crossfader on controller. does you plan future updates or not about this ? thank god that lag is not present on sound, but i feel like djay app is on some android tablet :slight_smile:
    i test this on latest djay2 and iphone7 with ios10.2 lag is not visible like on ipad 3 but still present ?
  2. does you plan update great idea proposed by many people on forum to enable mid eq knob change for filter option control ? if you can’t do it from your side, does your representatives contact pioneer to update firmware if people who buy your app want that feature. i think this is not nuclear physic problem :wink:
  3. when i load song and turn slip mode on, on next song load i again must turn on slip mode. Is this bug or feature because if it is feature than thanks god that bug is keylock ON always on when load next song :wink:
  4. if i load song and set manual preset for instance time travel fx, or looper fx on next song load this preset are always same, but if i use flanger dry/wet value don’t stay same and always reset to max value.
    i test this with latest djay2 and iphone7 with 10.2 and result is same as on ipad 3
    5)if i load song and select fx1 on my controler than use jog wheel to change fx value fx2 and fx3 are changing value like fx1 even if i press only fx1! is this bug or feature like multi fx control :slight_smile:

and to be honest, i buy wego3 because i was thinking this product is still featured on your web site, it is connected well with your company, you are connected well with apple at the end it’s bug free or with minimal problems but…