iPad Air upgraded and cant load songs

has anyone upgraded their iPad to the new iPad air and no longer is able to load itunes songs? I am getting error trying to load songs saying they are either in the cloud or DRM protected. Confirmed they are downloaded onto ipad via itunes as I can play them even off of wifi. I have itunes match in case that matters.

Yep. Airdrop doesn’t show and no longer gave connectivity to idjpro

Have you tried to go to the apple store on your iPad Air? None of the purchased apps show on mine. PITFAH!!! I can’t believe I bought like an early adopter - all the problems, none of the joy. I need a hammer to the head.

Really sorry for the late reply. Don’t know why I didn’t get a notification about this thread.

Do all of you have an iPad Air? I’m honestly not sure whether this is related to an iPad Air at all. I think this may be a general problem whenever you set up a new device.

Please try deleting and re-syncing your songs. If you’re using iTunes Match, try deleting and re-downloading the songs.

the odd thing is that it only opens some of my music and not others. they show as if they were not downloaded where they are not in bold lettering. the ones in bold will open. I am going to try and delete the songs from my ipad and re download to see if that works.

Update: I went into general-settings-usage-music and deleted all my music. I then went and downloaded the songs and playlists again, this time one playlist at a time waiting for it to complete before starting another playlist download. After all were downloaded agian, I can now access all my music on Djay.


This is more trouble than what it’s worth. iCloud…iPad air…AirDrop…error messages…fix the error message find out all your music has been deleted off your iPad…is it downloaded…is it not downloaded?..if it is then why is it not playing…etc…etc…WTF!!!..JUST PLAY THE F£CKIN MUSIC!!!..DAMN!!!

Just redownloaded djay. Finally got all my music back onto it after they were all deleted due to some ITUNES error message. Only to find out the son of a b!+ch is only going to allow me to play 15 songs that it chose for me, without my approval, out of my library of music of 2100 songs because it wants to be in DEMO MODE WITH NO WAY TO GET OUT!!! HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS POSSIBLE!!! It chooses for me 15 songs out 2100 that I can only play!..Are you serious???

I just had the same problem. The songs that were greyed out and did not play were all songs “Purshased in iTunes”. The songs “Matched by iTunes” played normally. Indeed, the only way to solve this problem seems to remove all music from my new iPad Air and download all playlists again.

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HELP!! My purchased songs won’t play on my new iPad Air.

I just upgraded my ipad to the latest iPad Air. Sadly now songs purchased from the iTunes Store won’t play. It says that they are either DRM protected (which they are not) or still in the cloud (which they are not, as they even play with WiFi turned off). Please advice how to solve this?