Ipad as remote for Djay in iMac?

How can I use my Ipad as a remote but have sound out from my iMac?
(Imac is connected to PA-system but I like to do the mixing in the iPad)

Regards // Lars

As long as you are on the same network as the iMac djay remote does a great job


make sure both are on the same wifi network and it will work.

been a lifesaver for me a number of times:

  • I am a musician and DJ sometimes both at the same time, ie I play guitar in the band and DJ in the band sets. Usually the DJ booth is on the other side of the room as the stage so I have a song cued up and Djay remote connected. Then I can start my DJ set as the last chord of the band rings out.

  • The other night I was providing dinner music but fading out for speeches/awards. No problem. Only I was asked if I wold like to sit at a table and eat with the client (a very GOOD client). I was able to watch the automix cue and fade out from the dining table (even throw in a few samples/loops/FX).

Thanks for reply!
Following question then: Imac need to have airplay? Or, can I use only the wifi to connect Imac and iPad?
(My Imac is from 2010)
Regards // Lars

Thank you Simon!