iPad DJay using Numark DJ2GO USB controller

You website says

iDJ 2 GO
The easiest way to become a DJ with your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch: ultra-compact DJ controller that lets beginners perform like a pro wherever they go. The iDJ 2 Go system works plug and play with djay and vjay on iPad or iPhone.

Plug and play on ipad?

First of all this thread is 7 years old, and the comment you are replying to is 4 years old…
But anyway, with the newest version you can map any controller as long as it sends midi, yourself.

P.S. is there a possibility to close old irrelevant threads for new comments?

Come on and fix so that djay2 for iOS supports either numark or ion dj2go hardware. Or add support for custom midi mapping. Many users want to connect “real” midi devices using usb to lightning adapter. Right now I use other software but would be happy to only use djay on both iPad and Mac.

At least you can release additional support for more devices using the in-app purchase…

Numark dj2go 2 works with the iPad. But only with djay iOS NOT djay Pro for iPad.