Ipad Djay with Numark Mixtrack Pro (2)


I’ve seen videos with a numark mixtrack and mixtrack pro working in ipad with algoriddim djay app. They are midi controllers supported by the mac version so they are supported in de ipad version. Just need the Camera kit adaptor and the power hub usb. Anyone here have tried?

Hi Hugo,

This controller is not supported on djay for iPad. If you have djay for Mac, then you can use it via MIDI learn. Open Configure… from the MIDI menu to map your controller.

The original Mixtrack Pro is natively supported with djay for Mac and does not require manual mapping.

Is the Quad fully supported on Djay yet, I want to upgrade controller but would prefer the controller with other inputs so might spend the extra over the idj pro?

If the quad isnt ready, when will it be?

Would be nice if Algoriddim could map the Mixtrack Pro to Ipad… I realize Numark has the iDJ Pro out ($500) and maybe you all have some licensing agreement. I will bet a lot of folks have Mixtrack Pros (using Virtual Dj, Serato or even Traktor like me) that are not too interested in shelling out more cash for a dedicated iPad controller. I think djay for Mac works well with Mixtrack Pro… would really be nice to have an iPad option too.

Count me in here, too. I’d love to see the Mixtrack Quad be able to control DJay on the iPad as well (or nearly as well) as the iDJ Pro does.

Para cuando soporte para la mixtrack pro? me encanta djay y me acabo de comprar esta controladora y me encantaría que pudiera trabajar con mi ipad3.
Tenéis pensado darle soporte??

When will you support the Mixtrack pro for iPad?
There are many people who have the Mixtrack pro and can not dj with the ipad.
Please update the application and support it. thanks

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Mixtrack Pro with iPad Djay??.

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Trackmix 2 with an Ipad and Djay 2.

Is there ever going to be a way to use Trackmix Pro 2 with an Ipad and Djay 2??? Is it that difficult to make it happen or is it some financial issues going on??? Really!!! Why isn’t there an easy way or a way for it to link properly through the manufacturer???

This definitely is what I expect after having paid for djay 2 and djay pro Mac as well as for a Numark Mixtrack Pro - enough money spent, now I want to hook the djay-equipped devices to my Numark device. When can we expect a solution?

Is there any plans for making the app working with Mixtrack quad and iPad? It would be great.