iPad Pro Features Not Working w/ Reloop Mixon 4

We need the filter knob to operate independently of fx depth when macro fx (m1/m2) are not turned on. It is currentlh constantly linked to fx depth. Trying to do a hpf or lpf with fx currently ruins the fx depth. This could be a deal breaker for me on using this controller or software.

I have wego3 as well and it always jumps to the grid. Even when i do the loop in out with the shift. How do you get it to do half beat loops?

Thanks! It still doesn’t make sense to affect the depth when macro is turned off, but putting echo or delay on fx 2 or 3 should be enough to work around.

dang, i thought about getting one of these, guess ill wait, my question is , does the the “pitch play” feature work only under Serato? or does it work with DJAY as well?

thanks!! i found one used on facebook marketplace may get it after income tax lol, i had the reloop beatpad 1 and used it for about 4 years, thanks for the info, i really hope they fix the mentioned problem above!

Ok heres whats the issue is if you are using the apple wire called the CAMERA KIT that’s the problem that wire is only for photo devices only NOW no one tells you this but you have TO PURCHASE the GEFFIN WIRE IT WORKS WONDERS and purchase A RCA wire with the male end and you’ll see it will work well for you

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