Ipad remote djay pro on mac or ipad extension controller

Hi there.
It would be interesting to be able to control the fx from the iPad as an extension, synchronizing both apps on Mac and iPad. This would give us an extra space of tactile control, especially for effects and looper or sample launches.

what do you think?


Agreed. Also with iPhone and Apple Watch wirelessly over WiFi or Bluetooth.

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@Santy if you simply want to use the iPad touch screen to control the FX and Looper of djay Pro AI on your Mac, check out TouchOSC (TouchOSC | hexler.net).

I used to use TouchOSC on my iPad and iPhone as a MIDI controller for Traktor Pro on my MacBook. Pretty sure this will work with djay on Mac.


Thanks for the recommendation, I know the app. but we must insist with djay to develop a native extension with 0 latency

@Santy you’re welcome. I agree it would be great if Algoriddim created a native remote app, but I suspect their limited resources are focused elsewhere. So, I went ahead and made my own wireless Bluetooth iPhone Remote for controlling djay Pro AI on iPad using TouchOSC.


I just finished making an iPad Wireless Remote for controling djay Pro AI on Mac.

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Hi. Slak.

Thank you so much for this hard work.

I will try this system as soon as possible. looks nice, great job my friend. thanks again.

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@Santy no problem. You’re welcome.

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