is DJAY PRO 2 in the works for Windows 10?

is DJAY PRO 2 in the works for Windows 10? If so, would it be upgrade-able from
the current DJAY PRO at a lesser cost?

I use Djay pro on my iPad its way more reliable and just works smoother ipad gen 4… however I upgraded to HpSpectre X 2 i7 16 gig and Mixon 4 . because i run Ableton in the background for softsynth etc.

PLEASE INCLUDE ABLETON LINK OR MIDI CLOCK in the new update or version…

wouldnt car if it cost $200 bucks the Djay software is amazing as tge spotify integration makes my 6 hour long sets a little more fun…

also the inclusion of standard VST Fx would be totally awesome

Lukas could finally tell us that they are working now on a big update for windows. but he has also said that “there are no plans for a djay pro 2 for windows in short terms”

so it is possible that the “big update” is pro 2 which will take some time to complete, or it can also be just the long overdue update.

Whatever, it’s good that now something finally happening