Is djay Pro capable of beatmixing with autommix?

I’ve enabled BMP matching, selected the first track from Spotify, and turned on Automix. I EXPECTED to see SOME attempt to beatmix the tracks that THE APP selected. Instead, over time, the incoming deck was slowed down to a ridiculous BPM where the two were not even similar.

Is djay Pro cable of matching anything from Spotify? If so, could someone give me a playlist or starting track so I can see it actually work?

As we’ve discussed via Email:
You have two different options of Automix Spotify: You can either enable “Spoitfy Radio”. Now, Spotify will randomly select tracks that are similar to the currently playing track.
Or you can play songs from your playlists. Therefore, please choose the playlist that you want to be played, select the Automix icon and choose “Current” for “Playlist”.