Is Djay Pro stable enough?

Hi there,

I really like Djay Pro AI as it gives me the opportunity to leave my laptop safe at home while gigging with my iPad or iPhone. I already went to a pair of gigs using iPhone SE 2020 + Reloop Mixtour, and everyhting went fine with this ultraportable setup. The small screen size is not a problem for me, in fact, it helps me in a way as I’m not looking at it at all except selecting tracks.

Unfortunately, my iPad 7th gen crashed and restarted twice while doing tests at home simply mixing some tracks, and I’m worried about the issue happening live. I updated my Reloop Mixtour’s firmware since that could prevent the issue from happening again, but I´m still afraid of bringing my iPad to mix live (always worked fine on iPhone).

This is why I wanted to start a conersation about this topic, do you think Djay Pro AI is stable enough? Have you ever experienced this kind of issues? Is the app suitable for professional use?

I used Djay Pro first with an iPad 2018 and now with an iPad Pro 2018, and it always worked without any problems. In this respect, I can answer your question whether the app is stable enough from my experience: Yes!
Maybe it’s because your iPad is a bit older and the performance is not enough. With my iPad 2018, the app did not crash, but the performance was not always optimal. With the iPad Pro, this is no longer the case. Perhaps your iPad no longer runs as it should due to prolonged use. Try resetting the iPad completely, which often solves many problems.
Ultimately, however, you can never be sure that everything will always work, even with a laptop. But you will never be able to completely rule out the risk.


Hi Chris

First of all, thanks for the answer and for giving me tips on how to get a better performance on my iPad!

I probably didn’t specify correctly, the iPad I own is an iPad 7th gen, released in late 2019. I already reseted it as you said, and it worked fine since, but I don’t feel confident enough to use it live or to invest in a newer model.

Anyways, as I see that your experience is positive, I might think about it again, thanks!

I hope more people can share their experience aswell :slight_smile:

I’m using an iPad Pro 2021 12.9 inch. I’ve found a bug that causes problems on my machine, but there’s an easy fix. Turn off the auto lock feature! Every time my screen went to sleep that’s when the problems began. Since then, Djay pro has been working flawlessly. Haven’t found any other problems. Your mileage may vary, but try the screen lock suggestion.

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Thanks for the tip! I just turned Auto-Lock off.

I think the problem I had is related to the Reloop Mixtour’s firmware not being updated, or might be that my iPad is not powerful enough.

Thanks again for the answer :slight_smile:

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I also have the automatic lock enabled, but it is not active when DJay Pro is running.

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iPad Pro 2nd Gen here crashed live twice on one night but never since then and that was last summer and I assume that was fixed. I used it a lot since then and for my particular setup (with Mixon 4) I trust it more now than I would any notebook… but it’s definitely not as trustworthy CDJ.

Also one thing I do before more important gigs is restart the app because it might already be running for many days/sessions.

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Nice! iPad Air 5 with M1 chip just got released, I think I’ll upgrade to that one.

Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris, curious as to how you set the iPad up to do this? I’ve got auto lock turned off globally, but it would be great if it just didn’t go to sleep mode when only using DJay