Is there a way bootstrap two decks such that what happens to one synced deck happens to the other?

In other words I may have two songs synced for an extended period of play. Say Decks 1 and 3. Since they are timed synced is there was a way to put them into lock step so I could scratch or whatever on deck one and not loose my synced place on Deck Three?

I am going to guess there is not but thought I would ask the brain share out there.

I was just trying creative things like playing two of the exact same song at the same time on two diff decks. What this allows me to do is do hot loops on one. It had some very cool results. However, if I want to do anything else while I am doing this kind of I cannot without getting both decks out of sync.

Would SLIP Mode not work for that?

Hey there,

there is no lock to do so. In which use case do you need such lock? 

Cheers,Lukas E. 

Ok, I think like DJ Stub said using the Slip mode on one deck ist the closest you will get to.

Lukas E.