Is there a way to disable MIDI

I want to use DJay Pro AI alongside another DJ program. My plan is to use DJay for dinner music at weddings, but use Serato for dancing. I hooked DJay up with an external sound card and plugged it into my mixer/midi controller via RCA cables. It works great with the auto mix feature on that channel. BUT, when I run Serato and try to set up a playlist, listen to songs in cue, etc, the buttons also control DJay, stopping playback etc. From what I can tell by going through settings, there doesn’t appear to be a way to disable midi commands in DJay, but maybe I’m missing something?

You could perhaps set a custom midi setting for your controller in djay so that the buttons you use in sets to don’t do anything on djay.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select midi devices
    Under the heading ‘midi devices’ click on your controller name.
  3. Edit the buttons that you use in serato to do nothing.
  4. Save the new midi profile

I’ve not tried this as I wouldn’t use the auto mix feature for a live gig #LazyDj :wink: but in theory it should work

Lazy DJ? Kind of a rude thing to say. Just so you know, I would use automix for dinner music, not dancing.

I was only joking mate, hence the winky face - when I used to do weddings way back I had a cd with an hour and a half of premixed music! :rofl:

Hope the proposed solution works?

More professional approach : buy a good quality mixer so that it can handle following:

  • 2-3 channels for microphones
  • 1 channel for your ipad
  • 1 channel for your controller + macbook

Then in some point of time buy cheap backup 2 channel controller for ipad.

This way if your main setup fails you always have quick backup fix as your ipad… and nobody will notice that you had a system failure.